The American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (ASIH) is a non-profit organization established to advance the scientific study of fishes, amphibians, and reptiles.

Member Benefits

  • Subscription to our professional journal Copeia;
  • Waiver of page charges for publication in Copeia and reduced cost of color reproductions.
  • Invitation to attend and present papers at our annual meeting;
  • Inclusion in and access to our online membership directory;
  • The opportunity to compete for monetary and honorary professional and student awards.

Member Categories

ASIH offers five classes of memberships on a calendar-year basis, three of which provide the option of selecting a subscription to the paper as well as the ejournal version of Copeia. New paper version memberships accepted prior to August 31 are credited full memberships and receive all 4 issues of Copeia for that year; members accepted after September 1 are credited full memberships as of January 1.

Regular Member

  • $100: paper + ejournal subscription 
  • $60: ejournal-only subscription

Student Member

  • $65: paper + ejournal subscription
  • $25: ejournal-only subscription

PostDoc/Temp. Job

  • $65: paper + ejournal subscription
  • $25: ejournal-only subscription

Associate Member 

  • $35: (2nd member in family, no journal)

Sustaining Member

  • $150: paper + ejournal subscription
  • $115: ejournal-only subscription

Life Member

  • $2500 (single payment): paper + ejournal subscription
  • $2500 (four installments of $625): paper + ejournal subscription

How to apply for membership

many swamp snakes in a collector's hands
CT scan of nursery fish
eastern box turtle
cleared and stained female salamanderfish