Robert K. Johnson Award for Excellence in Service

Johnson Award Announcement

Nominations are solicited for the Robert K. Johnson Award. In 2017, the award will be presented to a herpetologist. The ASIH created the award to recognize members that perform exceptional service for the ASIH in memory of Bob Johnson whose service was exemplary. Bob served on many ASIH committees, four terms as a member of the Board of Governors, as managing editor of Copeia, Secretary, and Chair of the Long Range Planning and Policy Committee. As chair of the Long Range Planning and Policy Committee, he developed a policy and procedures manual for the ASIH that has proved to be an exceptionally useful document. Bob's committee was inspired by his commitment to this task, which codified the activities of ASIH.

The award is presented during the opening Plenary Session of the annual meeting of the ASIH and includes a plaque. The 2017 winner will be announced during the plenary of the 97th Meeting in Austin, Texas.

Nominations may be made by any ichthyologist or herpetologist and should include the nominee's curriculum vitae and details of the nominee's specific service contributions to the ASIH. Nominations, including self-nominations, should be submitted by 1 March 2017 for the nominee to be eligible for that year's award. Nominations will be effective for three years.

Email nominations to the Chair of the 2017 Johnson Award Committee: Steven Beaupre (sbeaupre [at] uark [dot] edu) or to the ASIH Secretary, Prosanta Chakrabarty (ASIHsec [at] outlook [dot] com).

Johnson Award List

  • 2016: Margaret Neighbors
  • 2015:  Michael E. Douglas
  • 2014: Lawrence M. Page
  • 2013: Patrick T. Gregory
  • 2012: Brooks M. Burr
  • 2011: Henry R. Mushinsky
  • 2010: Joseph S. Nelson
  • 2009: Jay M. Savage
  • 2008: Robert C. Cashner
  • 2007: Alan H. Savitzky
  • 2006: Carter R. Gilbert
  • 2005: Margret M. Stewart
  • 2004: Clark Hubbs
Tombigbee Darter, Etheostoma lachneri
island glass lizard