Honorary Foreign Members

Honorary Foreign Members is a recognition of eminent distinction in research bestowed upon ichthyologists and herpetologists who are located outside Canada, Mexico and the United States. (*deceased)

Member Field Election Year Nationality & Residence
M. L. Bauchot Ichthyologist 1974 French
Ilya S. Darevsky* Herpetologist 1974 Russian
Georg Haas* Herpetologist 1974 Austrian in Israel
G. Krefft* Ichthyologist 1973 German
P. E. Vanzolini* Herpetologist 1973 Brazilian
Jose M. Cei* Herpetologist 1972 Argentinian
P. Humphry Greenwood* Ichthyologist 1972 British
Erik Stensio* Ichthyologist 1971 Swedish
Henryk Szarski* Herpetologist 1971 Polish
G. U. Lindberg* Ichthyologist 1969 Russian
Theodore Monod* Ichthyologist 1969 French
A. P. Andriyashev* Ichthyologist 1968 Russian
Max Poll* Ichthyologist 1968 Belgium
E. Bertelsen* Ichthyologist 1964 Danish
Curt Kosswig* Ichthyologist 1959 German
N. B. Marshall* Ichthyologist 1959 British
J. C. Battersby* Herpetologist 1958 British
Kiyomatsu Matsubara* Ichthyologist 1956 Japanese
A. N. Svetovidov* Ichthyologist 1956 Russian
Walter Hellmich* Herpetologist 1953 German
longear sunfish
Apalone ferox