Honorary Foreign Members

Honorary Foreign Members is a recognition of eminent distinction in research bestowed upon ichthyologists and herpetologists who are located outside Canada, Mexico and the United States. (*deceased)

Member Field Election Year Nationality & Residence
Teruya Uyeno Ichthyologist 1995 Japanese
Gerald Allen Ichthyologist 1994 American in Australia
Rosemary H. Lowe-McConnell* Ichthyologist 1994 British
Edwin Nicholas Arnold Herpetologist 1992 British
Jorgen Nielsen Ichthyologist 1992 Danish
Naercio Menezes Ichthyologist 1985 Brazilian
Colin Patterson* Ichthyologist 1985 British
Nikolaj J. Parin* Ichthyologist 1983 Russian
Angel C. Alcala Herpetologist 1982 Filipino
G. V. Nikolsky* Ichthyologist 1982 Russian
J. C. Poynton Herpetologist 1982 South African
Angus d'A Bellairs* Herpetologist 1980 British
Donald G. Broadley Herpetologist 1979 Zimbabwean in South Africa
Tokiharu Abe* Ichthyologist 1977 Japanese
M. Boeseman* Ichthyologist 1977 Dutch
A. G. C. Grandison* Herpetologist 1977 British
Toshijiro Kawamura* Ichthyologist/Herpetologist 1977 Japanese
Murray Littlejohn Herpetologist 1977 Australian
Petru Banarescu* Ichthyologist 1975 Romanian
A. R. Main* Herpetologist 1975 Australian
male Kurtus gulveri
two specimens of Maccullochella macquariensis
Eurycea lucifuga salamander