Honorary Foreign Members

Honorary Foreign Members is a recognition of eminent distinction in research bestowed upon ichthyologists and herpetologists who are located outside Canada, Mexico and the United States. (*deceased)

Member Field Election Year Nationality & Residence
J. R. Norman* Ichthyologist 1939 British
H. W. Parker* Herpetologist 1939 British
Jacques Pellegrin* Ichthyologist 1939 French
P. J. Schmidt* Ichthyologist 1939 Russian
Stanley S. Flower* Herpetologist 1938 British
C. Tate Regan* Ichthyologist 1938 British
F. Wall* Herpetologist 1938 British
Arthur Smith Woodward* Ichthyologist 1938 British
Leo S. Berg* Herpetologist 1937 Russian
W. Walterstorff* Herpetologist 1937 German
George A. Boulenger* Ichthyologist & Herpetologist 1936 Belgian in Great Britain
David M. S. Watson* Ichthyologist & Herpetologist 1936 British
Franz Werner* Herpetologist 1936 Austria