Honorary Foreign Members

Honorary Foreign Members is a recognition of eminent distinction in research bestowed upon ichthyologists and herpetologists who are located outside Canada, Mexico and the United States. (*deceased)

Member Field Election Year Nationality & Residence
J. Guibé* Herpetologist 1951 French
H. Rendahl* Ichthyologist 1951 Swedish
Guiseppe Scortecci* Herpetology 1951 Italian
Ethelwynn Trewavas* Ichthyologist 1951 British
Lorenz Müller* Herpetologist 1948 German
C. C. Liu* Herpetologist 1947 Chinese
J. L. B. Smith* Ichthyologist 1947 South African
A. Vedel Taning* Ichthyologist 1947 Danish
F. Angel* Herpetologist 1946 French in Colombia
Fernando de Buen* Ichthyologist 1946 Spanish in Latin America
Paul Chabanaud* Ichthyologist 1946 French
F. de Beaufort* Ichthyologist 1946 Dutch
G. F. deWitte* Herpetologist 1946 Belgium
S. L. Hora* Ichthyologist 1946 Indian
Hemano Nicefora Maria* Herpetologist 1946 French in Colombia
Malcom Smith* Herpetologist 1940 British
L. D. Brongersma* Herpetologist 1939 Dutch
Georg Duncker* Herpetologist 1939 German
Adolpho Lutz* Herpetologist 1939 Brazilian
Robert Mertens* Herpetologist 1939 German