Best Papers

The following papers were considered by a panel of Associate Editors and ASIH members selected by the Editor to be the best papers published in Copeia. There are three categories for both Ichthyology and Herpetology. The Best Paper Overall is chosen without regard to rank. The Best Paper Young Scholar is chosen when the lead author is either a postdoc or untenured at the time of submission. The Best Student Paper is chosen when the lead author is a student at the time of submission.


Best Paper Herpetology
Julia K. Earl and Howard H. Whiteman: Are Commonly Used Fitness Predictors Accurate? A Meta-analysis of Amphibian Size and Age at Metamorphosis. Copeia 103:297-309.
Best Papers Young Scholar, Herpetology
Julia K. Earl and Howard H. Whiteman: Are Commonly Used Fitness Predictors Accurate? A Meta-analysis of Amphibian Size and Age at Metamorphosis. Copeia 103:297-309.
Adam D. Leache and Charles W. Linkem: Phylogenomics of Horned Lizards (Genus: Phrynosoma) Using Targeted Sequence Capture Data. Copeia 103:586-594.
Best Student Paper, Herpetology
Christopher M. Murray, Michael Easter, Sergio Padilla, Davinia B. Garrigo s, Julia Ann Stone, Juan Bolan os-Montero, Mahmood Sasa, and Craig Guyer: Cohort-Dependent Sex Ratio Biases in the American Crocodiles (Crocodylus acutus) of the Tempisque Basin. Copeia 103:541-545.
Best Paper Ichthyology
John G. Lundberg and Kyle R. Luckenbill: The Extraordinary Occipito-Vertebral Skeleton and Swim Bladder of South American Hypophthalmus Catfishes (Siluriformes: Pimelodidae): Improved Illustration, Description, and Interpretation. Copeia 103:806–820.
Best Paper Young Scholar, Ichthyology
Nathan K. Lujan, Vanessa Meza-Vargas, Viviana Astudillo-Clavijo, Ramiro Barriga-Salazar and Hernan Lopez-Fernandez: A Multilocus Molecular Phylogeny for Chaetostoma Clade Genera and Species with a Review of Chaetostoma (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from the Central Andes. Copeia 103:664-701.
Best Student Paper, Ichthyology
Katherine E. Bemis and William E. Bemis: Functional and Developmental Morphology of Tooth Replacement in the Atlantic Wolffish, Anarhichas lupus (Teleostei: Zoarcoidei: Anarhichadidae). Copeia 103:886-901.


Best Papers Ichthyology
Eric J. Hilton, Peter Konstantinidis, Nalani K. Schnell and Casey B. Dillman: Identity of a Unique Cartilage in the Buccal Cavity of Gars (Neopterygii: Lepisosteiformes: Lepisosteidae). Copeia 2014:50-55.
J. Ellen Marsden and Harrison Tobi: Sculpin Predation on Lake Trout Eggs in Interstices: Skull Compression as a Novel Foraging Mechanism. Copeia 2014:654-658.
Best Paper Young Scholar, Ichthyology
Christopher Izzo, Terry Bertozzi, Bronwyn M. Gillanders and Stephen C. Donnellan: Variation in Telomere Length of the Common Carp, Cyprinus carpio (Cyprinidae), in Relation to Body Length. Copeia 2014:87-94.
Best Student Paper, Ichthyology
Muchu Zhou, Ashley M. Johnson and Rebecca C. Fuller: Patterns of Male Breeding Color Variation Differ across Species, Populations, and Body Size in Rainbow and Orangethroat Darters. Copeia 2014:297-308.
Best Paper, Herpetology
Brian K. Sullivan, Marlis R. Douglas, James M. Walker, James E. Cordes, Mark A. Davis, Whitney J. B. Anthonysamy, Keith O. Sullivan and Michael E. Douglas: Conservation and Management of Polytypic Species: The Little Striped Whiptail Complex (Aspidoscelis inornata) as a Case Study. Copeia 2014:519-529.
Best Paper Young Scholar, Herpetology
Dustin S. Siegel, Abigail E. Nicholson, Brian Rabe, Bradley Beran and Stanley E. Trauth: The Evolution of the Sperm Transport Complex in Male Plethodontid Salamanders (Amphibia, Urodela, Plethodontidae). Copeia 2014:489-502
Best Student Paper, Herpetology
Marcie K. Reiter, Carl D. Anthony, and Cari-Ann M. Hickerson: Territorial Behavior and Ecological Divergence in a Polymorphic Salamander. Copeia 2014:481-489.
photo of a western pigmy rattlesnake on a rock
two live individuals of Lepidogalaxias salamandroides
South American catfish
Potamotrygon motoro